Ketamine for PTSD

PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder, is not a diagnosis to be taken lightly, particularly if you are the one who has been diagnosed. San Antonio Ketamine Specialists understand the emotional burden of living with trauma and PTSD. Ketamine has been a life-changing treatment for some people who deal with PTSD, and we are honored to offer ketamine infusions for PTSD treatment in San Antonio. Contact San Antonio Ketamine Specialists today at (210)960-6998 to schedule your consultation.

What is PTSD?

PTSD is a mental health condition that occurs after you’ve experienced a traumatic event. These events can be anything from a car accident to front-line combat. Though it is most commonly associated with first responders and military personnel, anyone can develop PTSD.

Because it is commonly accompanied by depression and anxiety, PTSD can be difficult to diagnose and thus difficult to treat. If you think you’re suffering from PTSD, seeking help is imperative. Your quality of life is worth everything.

Symptoms of PTSD

PTSD can be an insufferable condition, impacting every aspect of your life. It can become nearly impossible to lead a “normal” life.

If you have PTSD, you are likely experiencing one or more of the following:

  • Constant alertness or feeling on edge: This can cause you to be quick to anger or anxiety, disturb sleep and rest patterns, and decrease cognitive function.
  • Reliving the traumatic experience: Sometimes referred to as “flashbacks,” these are episodes in which you relive the moment of trauma, including feelings of pain, mental distress, and other physical symptoms. Nightmares and other intrusive thoughts fall into this category as well.
  • Feelings of distrust: Experiencing strong feelings of “otherness,” feeling as if nobody understands your experience, and nobody can be trusted. This can include feelings of blame and guilt for the traumatizing incident.
  • Avoidance of memories or triggers: Taking extreme steps to avoid any memory, feeling, or sensation that would trigger the memory of the traumatizing event. This can take the form of emotionally disconnecting from yourself and loved ones, abusing alcohol or other substances, or taking extreme and reckless risks.

Why should I try ketamine for PTSD?

Traditional treatment plans for PTSD include SSRIs and SNRIs. These medications, developed to treat depression, work by increasing the neurotransmitters serotonin and norepinephrine in the brain. However, these medications have limited success in actually treating PTSD symptoms. Ketamine, however, is a safe and fast-acting alternative to traditionally prescribed medications, especially while you’re transitioning medications. The rapid relief that ketamine often provides makes it a valuable tool in your toolbox.

Can ketamine treat PTSD?

Yes. Research is ongoing and the use of ketamine to treat PTSD is an off-label use, but studies show that it is a particularly effective treatment for people with intense symptoms and people who are experiencing limited or no success with traditional medications.

How does ketamine therapy work for PTSD?

There are two primary ways in which ketamine works in the brain to treat PTSD: controlling cortisol levels and increasing glutamate production.

Cortisol: Controlling cortisol is vital when treating PTSD because it’s the “stress hormone.” When you’re in stressful situations, your body will release cortisol, but it can’t tell the difference between staring down a life-threatening situation and giving a speech in front of an audience; your body just releases cortisol. By balancing out the levels of cortisol in your brain, the quantity and quality of neural connections are thought to improve.

Glutamate: Research indicates that ketamine stimulates your natural production of glutamate, which is believed to repair and develop new neural connections.

If you want to know more about how ketamine infusions can help your PTSD, contact San Antonio Ketamine Specialists today to schedule your consultation.

Am I a candidate for ketamine for PTSD?

If you are experiencing PTSD, especially if you haven’t responded well to other treatments, you’re probably a candidate for ketamine therapy. At San Antonio Ketamine Specialists, we work closely with your mental health care providers to ensure your safety while we work toward recovery. You deserve a life that you love living.

What should I expect from ketamine for PTSD treatment at San Antonio Ketamine Specialists?

Your recovery is our primary objective. When you enter our clinic, you will find yourself in a safe, calming, and nonjudgmental environment. During your treatment, you will have your own room and be monitored for your safety and comfort. Once you are situated in your room, your care provider will administer a low dose of ketamine through an IV. Your infusion will last roughly 45 minutes with a 30-minute recovery time where you will be monitored.

Many patients feel relaxed during their infusion, and you may experience disassociation, perception changes, and nausea. These should subside quickly following your infusion. Many patients find relief within hours of their infusion.

If you’re ready to regain control of your life, call San Antonio Ketamine Specialists today at (210)960-6998 to schedule your free consultation.

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